Welcome to the Oklahoma InfraGard Chapter

InfraGard is an information sharing and analysis effort serving the interests and combining the knowledge base of a wide range of members. At its most basic level, InfraGard is a cooperative undertaking between the U.S. Government (led by the FBI) and an association of businesses, academic institutions, state and local law enforcement agencies, and other participants dedicated to increasing the security of United States critical infrastructures.


Notice to All InfraGard Members

Our Annual Membership Meeting will be Held on April 5th, 2017

Time: 11:30am

Location: Oklahoma City Community College, 7777 S. May, Oklahoma City, OK 73159 Agenda: Election of Officers and Board members renewing for another 2 year term

Officer and Director Roles
Voting Ballot
Proxy Ballot

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IWS10 - November 2, 2017

IWS9 Photos, Agenda & Speaker Bios
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  • Message from the President to All InfraGard Oklahoma Members
    We had another great year and looking to continue to expand during the next. We’ve added a twitter account during the past year, and soon a Facebook page that will complement our LinkedIn and core website pages. We had our first evening social event in February and look to plan another one in the coming months, so be sure to look for it in our monthly emails. As we continue to branch out and further grow our monthly and quarterly content to include the social media realm, we welcome feedback on interests you may have and areas you may like to see discussed during our meetings. Members are welcome to submit speaker and venue info as well, and if you have interest in contributing more, send us a message, as we expand different committee/coordinator roles, sector chief and deputy sector chief positions. Looking forward to seeing you at our next meeting!


    Dan Connett